Who we are

Brookfield Utilities is a leading Texas-based telecommunication construction company, specializes in Telecommunications OSP Contruction. Our success stems from an unwavering commitment to quality work, safe practices, and innovative solutions. By blending expertise, discipline, and exceptional service, we provide our customers with the resources they need to excel and thrive in today's competitive market.

OSP Construction and Maintenance

Brookfield possesses the capabilities to tackle even the most intricate utility construction and installation projects, with a team of skilled and highly-trained professionals. Our expertise ranges from extensive regional connections to individual facility setups, encompassing underground, buried, and aerial construction of telecommunications and utility infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

Fiber Optic Splicing

We assist in maximizing network efficiency, significantly reducing connection losses, decreasing downtime, and establishing reliable, consistent connectivity of your systems.

Fullfilment and Installation

We hold extensive experience in delivering and installing services. Our team handles all aspects of cabling arrangement and networking, ensuring telecom subscribers benefit from dependable connectivity across all their devices.

Outside Plant Construction

Whether the project demands aerial or underground solutions, Brookfield has the capacity to design, establish, and manage complex telecommunications networks. Our comprehensive coverage of all aspects of telecommunications systems enables us to deliver superior service and respond more promptly to our clients' needs.

Project Management

At Brookfield, we proficiently handle every phase of a project lifecycle. Our dedicated project managers ensure that each undertaking begins with detailed planning and attentive supervision, progresses on schedule, and effectively overcomes any challenges that arise, leading the project to a successful completion.